Sunset Over Water (2018)

Subdomain: N/A
Player Count: 1 - 4 | Playing Time: 20 minutes

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Game Entries by Month

June 2019
[BGG] kevinruns262 2019-06-08 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

May 2019
[BGG] Haywood 2019-05-18 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Haywood 2019-05-17 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2019-05-16 Traveling around a card-based board of landscapes to paint the beautifully depicted scenes is a lightweight yet mildly challenging sort of experience. [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 3

April 2019
[BGG] Albia 2019-04-02 This beautiful game features wonderful landscapes, and presents a lightweight challenge with interesting decisions. [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

March 2019
[BGG] dukefanblue2005 2019-03-21 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2019-03-11 This lightweight romp through the wilderness challenges one to paint landscapes to fulfill various commissions. [SGOYT]
[BGG] Jy0831 2019-03-09 [SGOYT]
[BGG] lucsen 2019-03-03 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 4

February 2019
[BGG] neotrunks2002 2019-03-01 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2019-02-16 Traveling across a set of landscapes challenges one to find the best paths to score victory points on a beautiful journey across natural scenes. [SGOYT]
[BGG] Jy0831 2019-02-13 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 3

January 2019
[BGG] Albia 2019-01-10 A beautiful collection of landscapes make a table look beautiful while providing an interesting but quick sort of solo experience. [SGOYT]
[BGG] Jy0831 2019-01-03 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 2

December 2018
[BGG] kevinruns262 2018-12-25 [SGOYT]
[BGG] kevinruns262 2018-12-25 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Jy0831 2018-12-24 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Jy0831 2018-12-21 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Jy0831 2018-12-20 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Jy0831 2018-12-14 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2018-12-04 A nice mix of luck and strategy combined to yield a personal high score in this beautiful, relaxing game all about painting landscapes. [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 7

November 2018
[BGG] Albia 2018-11-25 Choosing paths and painting landscapes proved to be quite enjoyable, even if the final scores were mediocre at best during this session. [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2018-11-06 A nice collection of commission cards resulted in an excellent score during another fun play of this beautiful, lightweight game. [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 2

October 2018
[BGG] Albia 2018-10-19 A wide variety of beautiful landscapes create a colorful display where one must carefully plan each move to make the most of the commission cards. [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2018-10-01 This beautiful card game combines lightweight but meaningful decisions with lovely artwork as one paints landscapes and completes valuable commissions. [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 2

September 2018
[BGG] kevinruns262 2018-09-18 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2018-09-14 Traveling to different locations to paint landscapes is a very relaxing exercise that provides a nice challenge in a short amount of time. [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 2

August 2018
[BGG] Albia 2018-08-31 This gorgeous game offers up a relaxing experience while still doing an excellent job of creating a lightweight and strategic puzzle. [SGOYT]
[BGG] Kush7 2018-08-25 [SGOYT]
[BGG] jwml 2018-08-25 [SGOYT]
[BGG] kevinruns262 2018-08-18 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Kush7 2018-08-02 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Kush7 2018-08-02 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 6

July 2018
[BGG] emodiu5 2018-07-26 [SGOYT]
[BGG] fortheloveofdice 2018-07-21 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2018-07-17 Collecting landscapes for points is a thematically enjoyable experience that culminates in a series of strategic decisions, all playable in about 10-15 minutes. [SGOYT]
[BGG] kevinruns262 2018-07-15 [SGOYT]
[BGG] jesslc 2018-07-04 [SGOYT]
[BGG] jwml 2018-07-03 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2018-07-03 A beautiful game about painting landscapes offers up an interesting challenge while still requiring only a small amount of time to complete. [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 7

June 2018
[BGG] dukefanblue2005 2018-06-27 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Daemonsson 2018-06-26 A very pleasant, quick, fun game with a small footprint. Highly recommended [SGOYT]
[BGG] sdetsky 2018-06-26 [SGOYT]
[BGG] dukefanblue2005 2018-06-26 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2018-06-24 Although this may boil down to a game of collecting symbols, it truly shines with beautiful artwork and a theme that pulls the player in for an interesting challenge. [SGOYT]
[BGG] jwml 2018-06-23 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Langalore 2018-06-19 [SGOYT]
[BGG] kevinruns262 2018-06-16 [SGOYT]
[BGG] kevinruns262 2018-06-12 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2018-06-04 The artwork is gorgeous, and gameplay works extremely well to create interesting challenges within the 10 minute play time. [SGOYT]
[BGG] jwml 2018-06-04 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 11

May 2018
[BGG] mrmagpieman 2018-05-29 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2018-05-28 A beautiful game creates a wonderful tableau of landscapes in a surprisingly strategic experience that lasts all of 10-15 minutes. [SGOYT]
[BGG] jwml 2018-05-22 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2018-05-20 A relaxing experience in the realm of painting beautiful landscapes provides a lightweight challenge that works exceptionally well. [SGOYT]
[BGG] radthanael 2018-05-19 [SGOYT]
[BGG] LGMHorus 2018-05-17 [SGOYT]
[BGG] jwml 2018-05-14 [SGOYT]
[BGG] kevinruns262 2018-05-13 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2018-05-12 A beautiful game about painting landscapes works well in many ways to create a quick puzzle filled with interesting decisions and planning. [SGOYT]
[BGG] LGMHorus 2018-05-09 [SGOYT]
[BGG] mrmagpieman 2018-05-09 [SGOYT]
[BGG] mrmagpieman 2018-05-06 [SGOYT]
[BGG] mrmagpieman 2018-05-02 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2018-05-01 Beautiful artwork and simple mechanics make for a lightweight and relaxing challenge. [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 14

April 2018
[BGG] Albia 2018-04-23 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2018-04-18 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2018-04-13 [SGOYT]
[BGG] WingTale 2018-04-07 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2018-04-06 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 5

March 2018
[BGG] Albia 2018-03-31 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2018-03-28 [SGOYT]
[BGG] emodiu5 2018-03-28 [SGOYT]
[BGG] kevinruns262 2018-03-27 [SGOYT]
[BGG] emodiu5 2018-03-26 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 5

October 2017
[BGG] knuckles29 2017-10-19 [SGOYT]
[BGG] knuckles29 2017-10-04 [SGOYT]
[BGG] knuckles29 2017-10-03 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 3

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