The Fool's Journey: Tarot Solitaire Card Game (2016)

Subdomain: N/A
Player Count: 1 - 1 | Playing Time: 30 minutes

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Game Entries by Month

December 2017
[BGG] Kelsin 2017-12-07 Easy to setup, good length adventure game using a standard tarot deck featuring some great mechanics and the ability to tell a story. [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2017-12-06 A unique and beautiful way to use a Tarot deck to tell a story, with mostly easy-to-understand mechanics that work very well. [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 2

November 2017
[BGG] Albia 2017-11-04 Fairly quick and interesting, it uses a Tarot deck to create a challenge that makes the player feel connected to the character. [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

October 2017
[BGG] Albia 2017-10-28 Enjoyable and unique, it mimics a dungeon crawler with a unique theme that utilizes a Tarot deck in excellent ways. [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2017-10-07 Enjoyable and engrossing, it creates a wonderful storyline among the excellently crafted mechanics. [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 2

September 2017
[BGG] Albia 2017-09-21 Filled with a rich narrative and minor challenges, it uses a great set of rules to enjoy a Tarot deck. [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

August 2017
[BGG] Albia 2017-08-31 A Tarot-based solo game with enjoyable mechanics, a way to enjoy the art of a Tarot deck, and a bit of a learning curve. [SGOYT]
[BGG] itisalloutofprint 2017-08-20 [SGOYT]
[BGG] Albia 2017-08-04 [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 3

April 2017
[BGG] settlerdave 2017-04-23 I won my first two plays of this tarot solitaire game. [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

June 2016
[BGG] Adayu 2016-06-25 2016 Solo PnP Contest entry gave Harlequin a chance to escape Joker in a tarot adventure. [SGOYT]
Entries for the month: 1

The Fool's Journey: Tarot Solitaire Card Game (2016) SGOYT Stats

# of Lists: 7
Unique Entries: 9
Actual Entries: 11
<summary> Entries: 9
# of Users: 5

Average Rating as a Solo Game: 4.60
Number of Ratings: 2 ( details )

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5 - Albia
1 - Adayu
1 - itisalloutofprint
1 - Kelsin
1 - settlerdave

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